In year 11 my German teacher marked me with a 66% score. It was too much for my pride to bear. My self-image was that of a nerd, always getting 90% plus. The thought of doing German in year 12 and “failing” dizzied me. I dropped German and chose Computer Science. In year 12 I achieved 100% in Computer Science.

I ambled along though a Computer Engineering degree. Each morning at Monash university I would proudly start the day with a coffee scroll and Pepsi from the Engineering faculty cafe.

I’ve worked about 8 different jobs both permanent and as a contractor, worked in England and Australia, and done my share of geeky other things.

Most of the systems I’ve helped put in have been replaced. There’s not much to show for 18 years in the field. But over that time I’ve grown a fascination for how different businesses use IT, make money and become successful.

This blog is a place to leave a trail and state my opinions about technology and business and for other geeks to shoot them down!

I will write about new technology, people in IT, organisational dysfunction, and my own life-learnings as an IT geek.

I’ll try to write lean and jargon free. I’ll even use diagrams where possible. I’ll try to simplify. Basically the opposite of every other tech blog.

Oh… and I still wish I knew how to speak a second language